October 6, 2011

Interview with a Teacher

I interviewed my best friends dad, Royan Lee. He is a really fun teacher and I wish I could be in his class one day but I can't because I don't go to his school. Mr. Lee is very creative and likes to use iPads and iPods in his classroom. He is an Apple educator. Mr. Lee is a very good singer and guitar player and he teaches us songs like "Waving Flag", "Rolling in the deep" and "Heart of Gold" so that we can do concerts for our families and friends. If you are in his class you are really, really lucky!!

You can visit his blog at spicylearning.wordpress.com for some really good information about teaching and the internet.

Here is our interview:


  1. This is a lovely interview. I learned something new about my friend Mr. Lee. I didn't know he sang or played guitar. Now I can ask him to sing or play the next time a group of us gets together.
    Thanks for posting the interview.


  2. Thanks for the great interview, Misha! That picture of me is hilarious.