November 6, 2011

Interview with a Film Editor for TV

This is my interview with Derek L. and he is a film editor for television. I think this is a really cool job and so creative because he gets to look at all the tapes that were filmed and takes bits and pieces and adds music to turn it into a tv show episode. I think this job would be really hard to do and you need to take a lot of classes. But I think it's awesome that everyone gets to see your work on tv and you can get famous. My mom says Derek is a really good baker and likes movies and reading books and so do I. Derek said he's going to teach me how to make and edit movies but I really hope that I get to try some of his cupcakes.

Here are some examples of Derek's work:

And this is our interview:

November 5, 2011

Story: Report Card


“Here’s everybody’s report cards,” said the teacher, Mrs. Bittermen.
Ella was scared to see what was on her report card because she knew she did not do very well on her worksheets and she did not pay attention in class. When Mrs. Bitterman passed out the report cards, Ella got hers and took a look and saw all D’s. 

She felt like she wanted to scream but she could not because Mrs. Bittermen would be mad. Then before she knew it, the bell rang and everybody scattered. So she packed up all her things and ran down the hall to go outside and catch the school bus.
Ella sat on the bus next to a 6th grader and began to think of places to hide her report card because she did not want her parents to see her bad grades. Her parents would send her to summer school and she did not want that. Ella decided the bookshelf would be a good place to hide it. When Ella got home she went to the bookshelf and pretended to get a book to read. She hid the report card in the very back so no one could see it.

Ella’s mom yelled out, “It’s time for dinner,” and the whole family walked to the dinner table and sat down.
“Did you get your report card today?” asked Ella’s mom to her sister, Thea.
“Yes, I did mom.  Would you like to see it?” said Thea.
“Sure,” her mom smiled.
When Thea got up from the table to get her report card in her backpack, the dining room got quiet.

Thea came back and handed the report card to her mom. Her mom looked it over and then passed it to her dad.
“All A’s!?! We are so proud of you,” Thea’s mom said. Then she turned to Ella and asked, “If Thea has her report card shouldn’t you have one too?”
Ella was trying to think of what to say then quickly said, “Mrs. Bittermen is going to hand out our report card later this week… um…I’m done my dinner now so can I get washed up and go to bed? I’m tired.”
“Sure,” said her dad.
Ella got up from the dinner table, put her dishes in the sink and went upstairs to her bedroom.
As the days passed Ella was trying to think of what to do. She decided that she should just give up and show her report card to her parents on Friday. The week went by slowly but finally Friday came. Ella hopped on the bus and sat down and waited for the bus to start driving. As lots of kids were getting dropped off, Ella was thinking of what her parents would say about her report card. When it was her stop she was very nervous. Ella walked into her house and immediately her parents said to her “Did you get your report card today?” Ella held her breath and says “Yes. Would you like to see it?” 
“Ok,” said her dad. 
Ella grabbed the report card from the book shelf and they all sat down in the living room to take a look. When her parents opened the envelope they were surprised. 
They looked at Ella and said “At least you tried and you did you work. That’s all we really care about.” 
Ella was shocked. “I thought you wanted me to get good grades and I thought if I did not get good grades you would send me to summer school.” 
“Why would you think that?” her dad asked. 
“Well you guys like when Thea gets all A’s on her report card and I thought you would get mad that I got all bad grades.” 
“I’m sorry it’s just that we get excited,” said her mom, “But we are very proud of both of you.”
“Oh,” said Ella. 
“Why don’t I make some of my delicious chicken noodle soup and maybe I will make my donuts too” said her mom. 
“Ok,” said Ella.   
They sat down at the dinner table and had a nice dinner and went to bed.