October 6, 2011

Cross-country team

This is the first year I'm allowed to join school teams so I decided to join cross-country. We trained during our lunch recess and ran around the school. We just had our meet the other day. I had to run 1km and the big kids ran longer 3.5km. It was harder than I thought but I am really happy I did it. I came in 18th place and there were 8 schools in it and more than 70 girls in my grade running. Our school did awesome and we came in 1st place and brought back 4 pennants to the school! I'm going to do cross-country again next year. Here is a video my mom took of me finishing the race.

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations for trying out and kicking butt on the cross-country field. The video was so cool.