January 21, 2011

My apps

These are my apps on my ipod touch. My favourite app is Picktureka. I also bought a car racing game and ten pin shuffle (but they are not shown on this picture.)


  1. Have you been using your camera much on your iPod?

  2. Dear Misha,

    Great post. I like the app Angry Birds. Whenever I go to my friends we play on her dads iPhone. My friend is already on level 18 the last level. When I go over to her house I go on level 1. I have a question for you: What level are you on for Angry Birds?

    Taylor* in Mr.Salsich`s class

  3. Hi Taylor,

    I'm on Level 1 too on angry birds. I can't wait to get to Level 18! But I think it will take me a long time.