January 25, 2011

I spy game

Lets play a game of I spy. Find these items in the picture.

I spy a wrench, a sausage, a diamond, 2 rain drops, a peace sign, a candy cane, an acorn, 6 arrows, 2 music notes, a sock, a hanger, a comb, 3 clocks, and maracas.


  1. Misha,

    We had so much fun playing I Spy!


  2. Dear Misha,

    We had so much fun playing the "I Spy" game! We liked your drawing because it was creative and colorful. Also, you could see everything clearly and it wasn't blurry.

    We found everything, but it was challenging. We worked on it on our Smartboard. We liked how you could find other objects in the picture also.

    Mr. Salsich's class
    in Connecticut

  3. Hey Misha! It's Jocelyn, i just wanted to tell you how much fun this was!!!!
    well, bye!

    PS. have you noticed that i have like commented on like EVERY ONE OF YOUR THINGS?